Verba volent, scripta manent. Spoken words fly away, written words remain.

According to an ancient Latin proverb that referred to the fleeting nature of spoken words.

In the digital age, words and images flash into our lives in an instant and are just as quickly
gone; so a feeling shared with others has value only for the moment.

At Melagrana, our publications are not fleeting impressions. They last!

The words and images on our paper products communicate and endure in ways that can
be savored throughout life and passed on to future generations.

Magic happens…

When a child snuggles with a book into the open arms of a loving parent.

When a handwritten note brings joy and creates warm memories.

When a favorite image soothes the soul, inspires the imagination, and makes us smile.

Melagrana celebrates a world where people share their feelings and create memories
with the help of books, cards, and pictures that can be treasured for life.

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