Egypt, the Eternal Spirit of Its People; Stories of an Exhibition DVD

8 cards, 4 of each design, with white envelopes

Size: 4.5" x 6"

8 cards, with white envelopes

Size: 4.5" x 6"

8 cards, with white envelopes

Size: 4.5" x 6"

In January 2016 I was privileged to mount a retrospective of my Egyptian photographs at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt. I had waited for this moment since 1952 when I had my first exhibition, Scenes of Egypt, in Cairo and Alexandria.

I want to show the world the people of Egypt who, during my time there, 1921 to 1952, lived in harmony regardless of their culture, or religious affiliation.

The story begins with Scenes of Egypt and ends with the exhibition in Alexandria sixty-four years later, bookending 92 images that bring to life the antiquities, scenes of Cairo, rural life, the Nile, and the Bedouins. It is an annotated walk-through of my exhibition designed to enhance a viewer’s understanding of Egypt and hence, their enjoyment of the photographs.– Jack Jonathan

“The video is marvelous. It so wonderfully contextualizes the images.“ — Mark Ormond, Curator, Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL

“We need this exhibition in Egypt, now.” – Dr. Serageldin, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt


  • DVD – Standard Format
  • Color / 2016 / 17 minutes



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