In 1952, Jack Jonathan captured unique and iconic images in and around Cairo. Because he has the gift of seeing into the heart of things the viewer of his portraits feels an intimate connection to the person photographed. Gazing at one of his landscapes, one does not see it so much as feel part of it.

The Egyptians who came to Jack’s retrospective exhibition, Egypt, the Eternal Spirit of Its People, at the library in Alexandria in 2016 were delighted that their people were so warmly represented in this showing. This is not surprising as Jack, a native of Cairo, had thirty years to love and admire both the country and his compatriots.

For more about these images, go to “Jack Jonathan and read about Jack, his love of photography, and the exhibitions he has held in Egypt and the United States.

Take this opportunity to have your own piece of art. Which image “talks” to you?

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