The Melagrana Story

In 1986 Jack Jonathan was working in Europe for Swarovski creating Collection Coeur gifts to complement their crystal business. Preparing to return home, he asked his friend, Whitey Kuhn, to create a logo for his new company Jonathan Associates (J&A). Jack was delighted with Whitey’s choice of a pomegranate in the “O” of Jonathan for the logo. A pomegranate, symbol for longevity and abundance, was an ideal image for his mission.

However, Jack’s life took a different turn. Instead of setting up his own company, he took up the task of creating a marketing strategy for American Century, his friend James Stowers’ investment enterprise. He became president of Stowers Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, that by 2008 had produced seven books about investing, as well as Mr. Stowers’ biography, The Best is Yet To Be.

The siren song of creating a company of his own would not leave his mind. From 2004, he toyed with re-enlivening J&A by going into partnership with his co-author, Sheelagh Manheim. They looked into creating a website, Pomegranate Publishing, to carry on the logo of J&A, but there were no domain names left with pomegranate. Jack, being fond of the Italian language, decided to use the Italian word for pomegranate, Melagrana.

Recently, Jack invited Steve Barr and Frank Addington to join him in creating products using Jack’s photographic images, naming this association Melagrana Editions. The notecards and photographic prints will join the books Jack publishes with his co-author Sheelagh Manheim. Their website,, is the culmination of a lifetime of learning and experience and Jack’s hope for the future.

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