There is no such thing as getting lost, it’s all part of the adventure.

Cheryl Westra

Executive Archivist

Cheryl, who grew up in Massachusetts, counts herself lucky to have spent a year touring the U.S. and Spain with Up With People, a performance group aimed at global understanding of our common humanity. She spent most of her twenties living, working, and exploring California, and it was there that she met her husband. In 1990, after a brief time in Massachusetts, she and her family settled in Kansas City, Missouri. Here, fifteen years, three states and numerous colleges later, she completed her B.S. in Social Work from the University of Central Missouri.

Since coming to Kansas City, most of Cheryl’s activities have centered on her family, homeschooling her four children, and volunteering in the community. Always seeking personal growth and interesting experiences, she has dabbled in numerous jobs and learning opportunities: sign language, interpreting, breastfeeding support, technical editing, volunteer coordinating with teens, teaching adult learners, caregiving, and program coordinating with non-profits.

Cheryl joined Jack’s team in 2016.  We feel very fortunate to have her warm, steady presence – and her sense of humor.  When our creative juices threaten to boil over into chaos, Cheryl’s calm, rational approach saves the day; for her, not much is worth getting overheated about.

Always up for a road trip, Cheryl and her husband recently bought a pop-top camper van so she can indulge her passion for traveling. Cheryl loves to be outdoors and lights up like the North Star when she announces that she is off on a weekend jaunt.

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