"Dame Fortune favours those who dare."

Old Italian saying

Jack Jonathan

Founder of Melagrana, Photographer

Jack has always dared to follow the path of serendipity. From his first job in 1939 at John Dickinson’s printing equipment and supply company in Cairo, Egypt, Fortune lead him to become the producer for a highly skilled team of creative people serving the war effort by creating propaganda for the United States Office of War Information. His skill and can-do attitude drew him to the American Embassy in Cairo where he served as head of
the Printing and Publishing department

When the Embassy sent him stateside to learn first hand about American culture, Dame Fortune presented Jack with a wonderful surprise – a beautiful young woman who, after a brief two-month courtship, consented to marry him and move to Cairo. Shortly after he and his bride returned to the United States, excited about the birth of their first child, an ideal job for his skills opened up at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri. Jack and his wife, dared to follow this opportunity and raise their three children far from their families of origin. Jack’s exciting 29-year career at Hallmark Cards included creating Hallmark’s first
intrapreneurial group, Group 71.

In another twist of fate, at the age when most men retire, Jack began a new career helping his neighbor and friend Jim Stowers create a marketing plan for Jim’s company, American Century Investments (ACI). Jack became the President of a wholly owned subsidiary of ACI called Stowers Innovations that produced books and marketing vehicles.

Now 97 years old, with eight books to his credit, two retrospective exhibitions of Egyptian photographs (in Alexandria, Egypt and Sarasota, FL) and a permanent installation, Healing Images, at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, the siren song of Dame Fortune calls to him again. Ever a marketer, Jack has turned to his team of the last fifteen years, Steve Barr, Frank Addington, and Sheelagh Manheim, for help in creating a website to promote his books and photography. In September 2018 melagranaeditions.com went on-line to sell his photographs, notecards, and books.

Included here are Kelly Urich’s audio interview with Jack in 2018 and a short video clip of his 2017 Egyptian exhibition at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. There are also archival articles, photographic critiques and his curriculum vi.

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