The baby animal whisperer. Just call Lindsey if you find an orphaned baby animal who needs rescuing.

Lindsey Whiteley

Executive Assistant

Lindsey, the youngest and newest member of our team, held a variety of positions during the seven years before she came to us: personal care assistant, cashier, catering manager. However, this listing of her work experience does not adequately tell the story of why Lindsey is a valuable member of our team.

It was her warm smile and efficient manner that first drew her to our attention. Two years ago, we invited her to become Jack’s full time personal assistant,  a position that now stretches into marketing, exhibitions, and sales. She elegantly displays our many products and sells them at exhibitions, and she works with Jack and Steve to choose prints to transform into cards. When you select a product from our store, it is Lindsey who will make sure you receive it in a timely manner. If you phone to ask a question, it is she who will warmly greet you and help with your order.

Lindsey loves to be out in nature – not just rescuing little animals that need help, but sailing on the many lakes in the Kansas City area. She is naturally entrepreneurial, having recently created a small business, LW’s Naturals, selling all natural skin care products.

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