"When I grow up I want to be a dancer."

Sheelagh Manheim


Sheelagh grew up in the Canadian province of British Columbia: Vancouver, B.C. and the beautiful Okanagan Valley. She spent most of her childhood outdoors. In Vancouver she walked around her neighborhood and visited the homes of all the widows, enjoying milk, homemade cookies, and stories. In the Okanagan she, her dog, and the children next door, enjoyed hours of adventures on the mountain behind their families’ orchards.

Although her lifelong dream was to be a writer, Sheelagh began her career as a child psychologist – telling stories to children and lecturing about child development. In 2001, after hearing her lecture,  “Why Kids Love Harry Potter,” Jack Jonathan asked her to work on his book, Yes, You Can…Raise Financially Aware Kids. With that invitation, a productive 16-year writing collaboration took off.

Now a new adventure has presented itself – creating a website that will be a marketplace of inspiring images and ideas. That one website has become two: melagranaeditions.com – a marketplace for Jack Jonathan’s books, photographs, and notecards, and for products designed with his partners Steve Barr and Frank Addington; and theriverlagan.com – a forum for Sheelagh and guests to share ideas through a blog 400 Words, daily quotes (Quotes on the Fridge), and a podcast (“Songs of Life”) of readings of prose and poetry.

A website is a commitment – two websites are a huge commitment– so Sheelagh’s children and grandchildren may be disappointed to learn that her career as a dancer will have to be put on hold.  However, she remains available, and eager, for trips with grandkids.

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