Steve has science in his mind, music in his soul, and poetry in his heart.

Steve Barr

Print Master

Steve Barr, a Kansas City native, graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s Degree (BGS) with an emphasis in science. Following graduation he began working in the lithographic industry. Throughout his career he has dealt with every aspect of creating and preparing artwork and text for prepress production. He is very skillful in scanning, photography, and the color enhancement and printing of digital images.

Steve began working with Jack Jonathan in 2001, digitizing a lifetime of photography from Jack’s immense archive of negatives. In 2004 he collaborated with Jack to produce the photographs for his exhibition Light is the Eye of the Mind. Since then, Steve has worked on the photographic projects that Jack has pursued as part of his philanthropic outreach. Some of these projects include the Children’s Mercy Hospital installation Healing Images, card projects, exhibitions, and donations of prints for auction.

It takes a good eye and a great deal technical know how to create a set of duotone prints that hang well together. (Although to say “duotone” diminishes Steve immense talent for manipulating a 12-tone palette). Jack and Steve worked for more than 5 years to create two sets of 90 images for Jack’s retrospective exhibitions, Egypt, The Eternal Spirit of Its People Now, he, Frank Addington and Jack Jonathan have formed a team, Melagrana Editions, to create prints, notecards and other products from carefully chosen images in Jack’s vast archive of photographs.

Steve is new to internet tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, however, he is a quick learner and has provided help with knotty issues such as “Why don’t my photographs show up sharply when I post them?”  and “How do we boost this?” It is great fun to be a team of professionals that is learning how to be professional in a new area!

When he has spare time Steve may play his guitar and write music, or read and write poetry. For you animal lovers, I will reveal that Steve loves cats.

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